While I was acclimatising to Shenzhen I thought I’d work on a little project to keep me busy. I had been thinking for a while about how to keep myself cool in the hot Chinese summer and made half a plan to fit some PC fans to the back of a t-shirt and blow air down my back. So I went off to Huaqiangbei and bought myself some 50x50x10mm 5v DC cooling fans for 6 RMB each (70p) and got back to the SteamHead SZ and started designing and printing some kind of fitting that I could sew in to a t-shirt. I had to familiarise myself with a new family of 3D printers and re-learn how to sew with a machine, but in the end I ended up with some sort of working fan thing. It isn’t that great, and you need to sit straight while wearing it, otherwise it gets stuck. Also, if it’s been on for too long (5 mins) it starts to warm up and blow hot air at your back instead. But overall, a fun little project that got me making straight away.Me in my fancy shirt