So I made another PCB and it’s awesome! It makes noises and looks like a mushroom :mushroom: I used svg2shenzhen, KiCad, and Inkscape. It’s just a USB MIDI controller which is based off an Arduino Leonardo using the ATmega32u4 and the MIDIUSB library.

The Prototype

I started off by making a proof of concept out of the worlds greatest material, CARDBOARD! I used aluminium foil tape to make contacts and threaded rainbow cable through the back to an “Arduino” Pro Micro. I’ll post the code some time soon on my Github.

The prototype


I’ve finished designing a PCB with KiCad and am now just waiting for it to come from JLC PCB.


I’ll be updating this page with more info as the project progresses. You can follow my progress on this project on my Twitter, or my Instagram.